AR Video Booth is an innovation of Tempaustoimisto, which is a finnish company based for campaign and event marketing.

AR Video Booth is like a photo booth, but it produces short videos with immersive story and augmented reality content tailored with customer company brand. These minimovies are automatically shared to YouTube with CTA with our AR Video Booths.

When your company attends fairs or events, is present at shopping centres, airports, amusement parks or tourist attractions, we generate leads for you! You get organic visibility on social media with AR Video Booth minimovies, while our service acquires email addresses, marketing consent, and customer profiling. All this is made possible by AR Video Booth, which makes product placement video greetings of visitors.

An offer, code or call to action can be attached to the video and its accompanying note. You will have statistics from video watches and shares as well as of used discount codes.

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